Tread Talk, Issue 37

Kingsway Tyres Ltd is proud to announce the launch of its 22nd service centre. The new branch officially opened in Kericho on 12th March 2016 in a colourful ceremony that saw customers and staff enjoy a round of golf at Kericho Club and dinner thereafter.

Tread Talk, Issue 36

Kingsway Tyres Ltd is proud to announce the launch of its 21st service centre in the country. The new branch, sixth in the Coast region, was officially opened on 2nd December in a colourful joint ceremony with TOTAL Kenya. The event was held at the newly refurbished TOTAL Service Station along Jomo Kenyatta Avenue in Mombasa. Among the guests present were Kingsway Tyres CEO Mr Aashit Shah, Managing Director Dr Manoj Shah and Head of Marketing for TOTAL Kenya, Mr Alban Tarneaud.

Tread Talk, Issue 35

Kingsway Tyres was among numerous participants at this year’s Total Motor Show held in September at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre. The Kingsway team put up a spectacular display taking up two large stands to display its key tyre brands that include Michelin, BFGoodrich and Techking. Visitors to the stand got a chance to interact with the Kingsway team and its product line. They also walked away with a variety of Michelin branded material that included cheer sticks, caps, pens, t-shirts and free wheel balancing vouchers redeemable at any Kingsway Tyre Centres Countrywide.

Tread Talk, Issue 34

Kingsway Tyres were among numerous sponsors at this year’s Rhino Charge challenge held on 31st May to 1st June at Kalepo, Namunyak Conservancy in Samburu County. Numerous Rhino Charge participants made it to the finish line during the one day event, knowing that their contribution was for a good cause. Kingsway Tyres sponsored a gauntlet, a tougher one of the 13 guard posts or check points that competitors must go through in order to win the competition. Congratulations to Mark Glen (Team 48) for winning the Rhino Charge Competition.

Tread Talk, Issue 33

Kingsway Tyres Limited partnered with Total Kenya to offer customers exciting deals during the Easter period. From 16th March to 15th April, customers who purchased two or more Michelin and BFGoodrich tyres at any Kingsway Tyres branch countrywide recieved a 35% doscount on their purchase and a free Total Bon Voyage fuel card loaded with Ksh. 2,000.

Tread Talk, Issue 32

Kingsway Tyres Ltd hosted a Consumer Forum at Tribe Hotel in October last year. The event was attended bt 20 of Kingsway's key corporate account customers. Among the topics discussed at the event included market trends across the transportation insustry, initiatives for cost-saving and greater efficiencies in organizations and building the right strategic alliances for growth within the region.

Tread Talk, Issue 30

Kingsway Tyres sponsored this year’s Rhino Charge event held from 30th May to 1st June at the Kalama conservancy in Samburu. For the very first time since the inception of the charitable event, Kingsway Tyres sponsored one among three exclusive gauntlets put up by the organizers.

Tread Talk, Issue 27

The rains are always welcome, they come with many blessings in our beautiful country. Our first blessing was how we Kenyans had a peaceful election period and patiently waited for our 4th President to be inaugurated. Congratulations to us all!
This now paves our country to bigger and better things to come. But for us to achieve that, we all need to work hand in hand to grow our economy and further improve our lives.


Tread Talk, Issue 26

When another year starts, we always look back to the year that was and how fast it flew by! The things we have done and the things we have not managed to do. The New Year comes with new plans, new hopes and both old and new dreams.


Tread Talk, Issue 25

Another awesome year comes towards an end with so many happy things to look back to and appreciate. This has been a year of new beginnings, continuous improvements and great support from our staff, partners, suppliers and customers alike. A big thank you goes to you all!


Tread Talk, Issue 24

Learning is an essential part of our lives. Through life’s experiences and education we gain knowledge and skills to further ourselves. I dedicate this newsletter to Learning. We never stop learning, even as we leave formal school, start working and grow older.


Tread Talk, Issue 23

They say busy is good. It’s excellent! Kingsway Tyres is constantly busy building, expanding and growing. Check out our two Mombasa branches; one re-furbished on Lumumba road and the New branch opened on Moi Avenue.


Tread Talk, Issue 22

Firstly I would like to thank you all for your support and blessings for last year; with this we embark into yet another year of wondrous learning and achievements. It is my pleasure to give you an account of a few things we have been up to that would sum up 2011. This includes our Tyre clinics we did for the public and especially for the ladies! And for this reason, I have added “How to Change a tyre” in the tyre tips for a bonus of what we covered in the seminar.


Tread Talk, Issue 21

I love the last quarter of the year, it has many celebrations; and celebrations are a fantastic way of rejuvenating and reflecting. So whichever festive you celebrate, I wish you well.
In the name of festivities, this newsletter highlights some great activities we have done so far. Our high achieving sales people got a fully paid trip to the Catalunya race track, Spain. We were happy to host our Meru customers for a cocktail and dinner and we hosted yet another golf tournament at Sigona. On this note, I would like to give my best wishes to our Operations Director, Kamal Shah for the Captainship position at Sigona Golf Club 2012.


Tread Talk, Issue 20

As always, Kingsway Tyres is buzzing with various activities; from tyre promotions to staff team buildings to trainings and CSR activities. We are intent on building a nation, building our purpose, creating awareness, building individuals and growing. Growth is great and is important; I believe if the employees grow as individuals they help move the company to achieve the goals and vision and thus the bigger picture - build Kenya and create a great world to live in.



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