Recamic - The Michelin Retreading Process

Innovative Technology

Developed, approved and controlled by Michelin, the Recamic cold-cure or pre-cured retreading system has the ability to create truck tyres that are more like new than retreads.

Perfectly matched on the original casing, Recamic treads accurately bond on all casing sizes.

  • Tread is backed with a special polyester film exclusive to Recamic, and cured with Michelin manufacturerd cushion rubber for perfect adhesion and joint bonding.

Reduction in fuel consumption

  • The high percentage of natural rubber, unique to Michelin manufactured treads, lowers rolling resistance and consequently improves fuel economy.

Riding on a legacy of excellence

  • Recamic treads are manufactured from the same compounds and patterns as new Michelin tyres. Identified on the shoulder area with the Michelin name, Recamic retreads deliver premium performance that lasts longer.


Kingsway Retreading Plants

Kingsway Tyres provides tyre retreading solutions for truck and bus tyres through Recamic (Michelin Retread Technologies) throughout the country with retreading facilities in both Nairobi and Mombasa.

Kingsway Tyres, together with Michelin, set up the Recamic Plant for Michelin Retreading back in 2011, which was the first of its kind in Kenya. Combining state-of-the art machinery with highly skilled manpower in the ultramodern plants, the technology enables us provide excellent quality retreaded tyres and related services to our customers at an affordable rate.

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