Nitrogen Air Pressure

What is Nitrogen Pressure?

“When inflated with Nitrogen the tyre loses pressure 3 times slower than if it were inflated with air”. (Michelin Tire Manual, page 27) This means with Nitrogen in your tyres, you maintain the correct pressure 3 times longer than with oxygenated air. Under inflated tyres = Higher Fuel Consumption (up to 10%). So…with nitrogen in your tyres, pressure is maintained longer, and you can save money on Fuel!

“Longer tyre life and improved retread & repairability occur because the tyre’s liner and carcass will not be subject to oxidation…improvement in tread wear will result due to better pressure maintenance because of the lower diffusion rate of nitrogen”. (Goodyear Application Bulletin # 17)

Because nitrogen passes through your tyres more slowly than oxygen does, it doesn’t wear your tyres like oxygen. Oxygen weakens tyres!

Nitrogen is moisture free. This means no more rust on steel belts and rims. The oxygen in your tyres is what condenses and causes rusting. If you take the oxygen out of air, you take out the moisture and therefore, the rust.

Nitrogen runs from 17° - 21° cooler than oxygen and it is non-flammable. This greatly reduces the risk of a tire explosion.

Nitrogen pressure means better handling of the road. This lessens the risk of flat tires or blowouts, and therefore, accidents.

Nitrogen has been used for years in the following industries:

  • Indy & Formula One Car racing
  • Commercial and Military aircraft tyres
  • Space shuttle and Moon Buggy Tyres
  • Mining and Earth moving Tyres


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