The Kingsway Tyre Damage Guarantee protects you, the owner of the vehicle, from paying for any repairs or replacement of tyres damaged by road hazards, including but not limited to rocks, broken glass, nails, kerbs and potholes. In case of replacement, you only pay for the tread you’ve used. The Guarantee is valid for vehicles used for private or personal use only. Vehicles used for commercial purposes like Taxis, Matatus, Vans and Pick-Ups are excluded from this Guarantee

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The Kingsway Tyre Damage Guarantee covers All Vehicles Tyres of Vehicles fitted in personal cars, saloons, 4 x 4 and SUVs purchased and fitted at any Kingsway Tyre Centre across Kenya..

The Kingsway Tyre Damage Guarantee can be purchased at a small fee for the first 12 months and can be extended to a maximum of 36 months for selected brands at an agreed fee. However, the Kingsway Tyre Damage Guarantee is only valid for Passenger tyres with a minimum remaining tread depth (RTD) of 1.5 mm and 4x4 & SUV tyres with a minimum RTD of 2.5mm.

After a tyre damage but within the period of guarantee, take the damaged tyre to any of Kingsway Tyre Centre anywhere in Kenya

The Kingsway Tyre Centre Experts will inspect the damage and proceed with the tyre repair if it is repairable

If the damage to the tyre is not repairable, the Tyre Expert will calculate the remaining tread depth and which will be determine the credit to be passed to you for a replacement tyre. You will bear the replacement cost equivalent to the used-up tread

All tyres purchased within 30 days or have done less than 1,000 Km will be replaced without deduction of used-up tread (net of VAT)

All Claims will be net of VAT