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Kingsway Tyres Limited

It’s said that it is not the destination but the journey travelled. This singular statement clearly outlines the true and incredible story of Kingsway Tyres. It’s years of doing things differently, leading the way, challenging the norms and becoming a company of innovation. Since Kingsway tyres began in 1960, the company strived to make a mark in every little thing they did. For Kingsway, all customers deserve to have a friend as they start off wherever life leads them; Kingsway has been that friend for over 60 years, more so because of the goals they set for themselves and the guidelines they firmly placed to get them there. Kingsway is committed to meeting your expectations. A practice that has set them apart from the rest, as the company mantras clearly demonstrate..


For half a century, Kingsway Tyres has been present through the journeys that their valued customers have taken in and around East Africa. Kingsway is proud to be part of the successes these journeys bring. Kingsway Tyres Limited wants to continue sharing with you the continuing and intriguing story of life on the road. Now more than ever these stories will be painted with smiles of eager East Africans with the introduction of the revolutionary retreading plant, Kingsway Recamic Factory. It is the beginning of taking you further each and every day.

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