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Kingsway Tyres Limited has been supporting the school since 1992. We have adopted many of the boys in our hearts by providing uniforms, stationery, and sports apparel so that they have the tools to engage their dreams. This all culminates in the Christmas Shows, where the boys are given prizes and trophies for the different activities they take part in during the show. We also do all we can to provide these boys with opportunities in their adult life in terms of job and emotional support.


Located in Kaani area Machakos, it was built by Kingsway Tyres with the support of Lions Club of Kenya.


Kingsway supports Ananda Marga Kenya by helping out in their clinics for adults and children, which provides nutrition powder for HIV-positive children every month. Feeding programs are also conducted with educational equipment such as school books and shoes donated to them.


Kingsway and Action In Focus, a Christian organization, raise funds for pharmaceuticals to donate countrywide. At Nyumba ya Wazee in Kasarani, Kingsway provides them with a year’s stock of bread.

Kingsway supports the Blood Donation Drive.

The Road Safety Campaign carries out different initiatives, including educating Matatu drivers and owners about road safety. Road safety parks are also supported under this campaign, where children are taught about the dangers and how to keep safe on the road.

Breast Cancer Awareness Clinics are also held often by Kingsway Tyres.


Kingsway Tyres donates tires and money to the event. It is an off-road motorsport competition that raises funds for the Aberdares fencing to save the Rhino population. To support the environment, a Paper Recycling Project was launched.

We are also passionate about Tree Planting, and time is taken annually to do so.

Project Description

Kingsway sponsors and participates in several Golf tournaments in the country.

Various school sporting and musical events have our support:

Sports Day at Don Bosco Boys.

Kenya Music Festival participation by Don Bosco Boys.

Sports apparel and equipment for Kaani school.