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What Is Tyre Retread

This is when a worn-out tire, also known as a casing, undergoes refurbishment to extend its usable life. It is the process of renewing the tread for a structurally sound tyre casing by removing the old and worn tread from the tire and replacing it with a new tread. The goal is to provide a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to manufacturing entirely new tires.



The old tire is carefully inspected by qualified inspectors to ensure that the casing is still in good condition and suitable for retreading. If the casing has significant damage or deterioration, it may not be suitable for retreading.


Buffing: The old and worn tread is mechanically buffed away from the tire's casing and prepared for the next stage. This prepares the surface for the application of the new tread.

Applying New Tread

A new layer of tread rubber is applied to the buffed casing. We use the "hot process" where the tyre is heated in a chamber to bond the rubber and the casing


After the hot process, tyres are enveloped in readiness for the chamber. The tire is then cured to ensure that the new tread is securely bonded to the casing. The curing process causes the new rubber to vulcanize to the new casing.

Retreaded tyres are less expensive: Tests by the KTL and Technical teams have proven mileages of between 80,000 and 120,000 kilometers on both the trailer and drive positions on on/off road conditions. This means that even though a retread costs less than half the cost of a new premium tyre, it can deliver upto 70% mileage of a tyre tyre. This saves cost compared to buying new tyres.

Retreads are safe: Contrary to the well-known mythology that most of the strewn rubber burst tyre alligators (remnants) are retreads, research has proven that these tyre remains are products of tyres (both new and retreads) that have suffered bursts due to lack of proper tyre maintenance. In the U.S. A Retread tyres are used in Military , Medical and Commercial vehicles. Airlines retread their tyres upto 3 times.

Available in all tyres of tread designs and sizes: At KTL, retreading is done for tyres rim sizes ranging from 16 inch to 22.5 , on request we have arrangement to retread tractor as well as earth mover tyres. The versatility is increase by the tread pattern range on both on/off road application

Environmentally friendly: By retreading one tyre, approximately 27 liters of crude oil that would otherwise be used to make a new tyre is saved. In Kenya, approximately 200,000 Truck tyres are repaired and retread in retreading factories (and kept out of the dumpsites) which works out to approximately 5.4 million liters of crude oil. This process also involves reusing old casings.